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Invitation For The Membership In The Sri Lanka Human Right Organization

TP provide membership, SriLanka Human Right Organization invites ladies and gentlemen who are dedicating themselves with great commitment in the social services to make Sri Lanka live and prosperous. Ours is an independent and free organization activating at international level on the annual contribution of the members without getting any basic financial benefit from the Sri Lankan Government. This organization was registered in 1998 under the Ordinance No.8 of “Independent Social Service”_Registered No: P/S/07/20. On behalf of Mother Srilanka, this organization strives against the international evil forces to defend the homeland and for the interest of the country loving social wis is an organization collaborating with the Ministry of Human Rights. That the offices and the members belong to multifaced social movements, in Sri Lanka, the people’s representatives and the members have been united together byy thi sorganization in honest and impartial manner to make state future plans more successful. Our chief aim is to build up a society by making people of SriLanka one nation of one country and one mother living with brotherhoood linking their hands, together respecting human values and equality within the exted of the land under the blessing and the guidance of the religious heads.

i. In this organization you may claim your mambership on your own suggestion rendering social services. The fee for the admission and the identity card Rs 450/= The annual fee for the membership id Rs 1800/=. So the payable total amount for the year is Rs 2250/=. Fill the form attached herewith ans post it to the address shown in the lette head together with 3 passport size colored photoes, and the membership fee. (If it is a cheque, it must be drawn in favor of Sri Lanka Human Right Organization” If it is a money order, it must be sent to the Director “W.Rinsley Chamkara-Payable at-Post Office-Weenappuwa.)

ii. A member can get his membership in whatever year or month , but he/she is liable to pay his/her membership fee Rs 2500/= for the whole year, within three months, after getting the mmebership, the particular member should attend one day trainning programme regarding the human rights. Soon affter the completion of this trainning , the identity card wil be isued. This membership is prevailing at national and international level. You are made aware of our prime goal, our motive plans ans attitude by issuing handouts on rules and regulation of the organization. Facilities have been made for the Srilankans who aer the relavant countries.

You are our dynamic force for the entire eminence of this organization and the services bestowed on behalf of Mother SRI LANKA.

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