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Client ServiceSome of the Services rendered by Sri Lanka Human Rights Organization in Year 2015

  • • Engaged in election observation from the date the presidential election was declared until 08.01.2015 to conduct a free and fair election. And, taking measures to minimize past election violence.

    • Published a peace message with all hopes and aspiration of the Sri Lankan nation included, on the occasion of the Papal visit of his holiness the Pope Francis. Programs launched to educate the directors of Srilanka Human Rights Organization with regard to the basic rights and human rights.
    • Conducting Resident Leadership Training Programs for directors representing the Srilanka Human Rights Organization.
    • Sought solution of the unfair and unjust activities occurring all over Srilanka.
    • Launched a National Training Program on 06.06.215 on “free and fair election devoid of violence and corruption under a new election system.
    • Involving in the coordinating affairs with Singapore and other countries in order to obtain investment on an international basis.
    • Meeting ambassadors to obtain foreign assistance for the development of Srilanka.
    • Conducted an Elite Seminar at the Bandaranaka Memorial International Conference Hall on 22.06.2015.

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23rd Anniversary event of the Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka will be held on 30th of July...
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