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As @ 30th May, 2017 15 Districts in the South, West and Central Provinces of Sri Lanka have experienced heavy rainfall, resulting in cutting failures, landslides and flooding. 188 individuals have been reported dead while 99 are still missing. Search and rescue operations are currently underway. The Government has appealed to the United Nations and neighbouring countries to provide assistance.

Five major river basins (Kalani, Kalu, Gin, Nilwala, Attanagalu) are affected and three of these (Kalu, Gin, Nilwala) are still flooded at several places. The water levels are steadily rising in Ratnapura, putting it at risk of flooding. Water levels are also creating pressures on dams that are, according to reports, beyond safeguarding. Baddegama town is affected and its occupants have been instructed to evacuate immediately as a result.

Water levels are receding in most other places; however, its slow speed goes to show weak functioning of the natural aquifers in the area due to prolonged dry weather. Flooding is good in these areas as they were experiencing salt water incursion to water systems, but these flood waters are diverted to seas, which are not being made use of. This may be a gap to be addressed in the near future.

Divisional Secretariat office within the affected areas has been advised to close schools, where they could be used to provide accommodation to people affected by the disaster. (Source: Local Media)

The Human Rights Origanization of Sri Lanka is planning to respond to the needs emerging from the growing numbers of the affected as water levels rise due to continuous rains and open sluice gates. We plan to provide relief and recovery assistance to a target of 5,000 families in the relief phase and 3,500 families in the recovery phase.

Our goal is to ensure that children and their families affected by this disaster are protected with life-saving assistance and their dignity restored as they return home. Immediate relief will include non-food relief items, personal and community sanitation and hygiene, drinking water, child protection and education provision, and assistance in search and rescue operations. HROSL’s focus during recovery will be economic recovery, disaster risk reduction, restoration of water sources, and education. We are requesting for funds from donors and private sectors to support the recovery period. Please join with us to do the flood relief activity.

Bank details

Account Name: Human Rights Origanization of Sri Lanka

Bank: Sri Lanka Pan Asia Bank


Branch: Wennappuwa

For more details, please Contact

Prof. Jayantha Kalubowila

The Director General,

The Human Right Organization of Sri Lanka,

White House, Galmal Padura Road, Dematapitiya, Katuneriya

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