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jayantha kalubowilaMessage from the Executive Administration Director General Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka

I am privileged and honored to have this opportunity to send this message for the Elite Seminar of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Organization which has rendered distinctive services for a very long span of time for the sake of the progress and advancement of our beloved Mother Lanka to awaken the attention at national and international levels

02. This organization that was established in 1983 as an Association of the Justices of Peace with 08 members, based on the theme of peace, harmony and friendship, is one that has rendered unique service to all Sri Lankan communities in the sphere of social welfare and cultural aspects in the midst of numerous challenges, harassment, rebuke and insulations. 

Turning out to be a gigantic tree by converting the association into the Human Rights Association of the Justices of the Peace, innumerable contributions toward justice and fair play as well as to the freedom of the country were made. During the time the humanitarian operations were being launched, we performed our duties with responsibility, going from one village to another, with the objective of achieving the aspirations of the public. Very modestly I state that we are an organization that has done its utmost by dedicating ourselves to overcome all challenges that arose and are still arising to obstruct the future progress of our motherland, by gathering all Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers.  Ours is an organization devoted to the protection and security of Sri Lanka and with this view, we join hand- in Hand with the other organizations of the island while setting as example to others.  The layout and administration of our organization is operated under the guidance of religious leaders and with the first citizen, His Excellency the Hon. President as the chief patron on constitutional basis and comprising of an Advisory Board representing all political parties, a Legal Advisory Board and Board of Management representing all races, District Investigation Directors to include the provinces and districts together with coordinators in the 25 district as well as internally and, proudly state that we are an independent organization executing on the annual contributions of our directors without any government of foreign financial aid. Through this, we have shown the world our independence. 

03. The thousands of directors who are members of our organization contribute their valuable time, efforts and money to render an honorable and invaluable service for the advancement and progress of our motherland. The Sri Lanka Human Rights Organization comprised of scholars, elites, educationalists, justices of peace, government officials, retired officials, leaders of social service organizations, prominent businessmen as well as the women and laborers who love the nation and the country, have joined the mechanism in our national service and thus will contribute to the protection of the rights on half of Sri Lanka. Our Organization following the noble concept of the new government of good governance to execute the law to the letter, anticipates your contribution and strength to make Sri Lanka an exemplary country in the eyes of the international sphere.

Thank you.

Professor D.S.Jayantha Kalubowila
Executive Administration Director General
Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka.

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