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visionThe vision of the Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka is to establish a background to be lived in the society peacefully, with harmony and with national integrity for the multinational communities in Sri Lanka without any encumbrances by doing their day to day tasks independently. The Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka, always representing all the races in Sri Lanka by appearing for human rights issues, fundamentals rights and doing social welfare, educational, cultural and religious services for the Sri Lankan people.

missionOur organization is not depending financial assistance or any other facilities by the government and we rely and other depend in donation and the subscriptions of our members all over the country and we are willing to announce that it cause to prevent our independence and dignity as well. Our mission is to contribute for protecting human rights, fundamental rights and labour rights of the human being, organizing awareness program of human rights and spread such programs from urban level to rural levels, assisting for the educational facilities of the children from birth to till ending their academic carrier, conducting social welfare event to uplift the religious and cultural activities of Sri Lankan  people, appreciating services of the social workers in Sri Lanka and overseas as well and survive the lives of the people those who were affected by the national  and war disaster. 

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23rd Anniversary event of the Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka was held on 30th of July...
23rd Anniversary event of the Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka will be held on 30th of July...
As @ 30th May, 2017 15 Districts in the South, West and Central Provinces of Sri Lanka have...
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